About us



Amsoft has been in the industrial automation business since 1992, following up on the work of its founding members who had earlier worked in the automation departments of large steel works and engineering companies in the Ostrava region, and have acquired extensive experience in this field.



The activities of Amsoft cover the whole electrical spectrum of industrial process control. The company has three basic divisions, described hereunder, which function separately or support and complement each other during implementation of extensive orders. All activities are in accordance with the quality policy set forth by the management of the company.


Company assets

  • consistency and high-quality work performed by highly-qualified personnel with extensive experience in the industry,
  • complex range of services in electro and automation,
  • efficiency, flexibility, effort and ability to satisfy the customers' requirements,
  • reliability and serious approach to business partners and customers.
The technical division

provides the processing of studies, technical solutions, projects and technical documentation. Furthermore, the technical division employs software workers for the creation of software for control systems of technological levels and even superior hierarchically organized production systems, and also workers performing debugging and commissioning. The automation resources used are largely given by the customers' requirements, however Simatic, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric, Beckhoff etc. are mainly used.

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The production department

produces and delivers units for automation and other electrical equipment. These are mainly control system and heavy-current switchboards, control panels or complete equipment for control rooms. All in standard form or in atypical design, according to the customers' needs. The production department employs not only production workers in the electrical sphere, but also a limited capacity of fitters. More extensive fitting and mechanical requirements are provided externally.

The department also performs serial production of lift switchboards, including the production of electronic modules for controlling comfortable programmable lifts, operated in collection modes — developed by Amsoft.

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The department of industrial installation

performs heavy current installation, varied electrical installation started at AC/DC motors, frequency changers, actuators and sensors up to intelligent control units (PLC/IPC) using networks like Profibus, Profinet and complete cabinets, cable trays, equipment with needed adjustment and commissioning in the place of realization. The workers have years of experience in the field of electrical installation in heavy metallurgical, engineering, automotive, rubber industry and in other environments.

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