Photovoltaic systems


Why photovoltaics?

  • The construction of the Radkovy photovoltaic power plant reference building within the expansion of Amsoft services to include the sphere of photovoltaic system supply
  • Because the general scope of Amsoft is electronics, photovoltaics is a related field falling into the sphere of activity of the company
  • Work with the latest Hi-Tech technology
  • Long-term investment with a relatively high level of security
  • Contribution to the struggle against global warming and improvement of the environment Slunce.jpg, 10kB
  • Preparation of a legacy for future generations
  • Electricity generated using solar systems is the cleanest energy man is able to generate. It doesn't produce noise, like wind power plants do and, last but not least, it doesn't need complicated maintenance like hydroelectric power stations or nuclear energy. During their c. thirty-year working life, photovoltaic systems require minimum maintenance. The power plant produces no dangerous waste during operation
  • The solar power plant constructed using the state-of-the-art technologies represents a highly prestigious matter for the investor, supplier, community and the region. By supporting the project, the involved parties endorse the globally shared values of environmental protection
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The Radkovy reference photovoltaic power plant

Basic data:

Operator Amsoft, s. r. o.
Location Obec Radkovy, okres Přerov
Generating capacity 210 kWp
Total investment costs 25,000,000 CZK
Installation area 17,000 m2
Expected annual production 232 MWh
Annual operating costs c. 100,000 Kč
Expected gross annual revenue 3,000,000 Kč
Annual CO2 reduction 276 t
elektrarna-Radkovy_1.jpg, 94 kB

Brief description of the solution:

  • Electricity is generated using 1,170 Suntech photovoltaic panels, type STP 180S-24/Ad with an output of 180 W, installed to increase the total revenue on 43 adjustable single-axis frames of our own construction (tracks) with an automatic sun movement tracking system. The frames are equipped with a PLC Mitsubishi central controlling system which, along with exposure sensors, ensures optimum alignment towards the sun. The conversion from DC to AC is solved using a corresponding number of type SMC 8000 Tl ESS inverters in decentralized configuration. For comparison of power generation, a fixed frame with 52 panels and one SMC 8000 Tl ESS inverter has been installed in the premises of the power plant.
  • The power plant is connected to a distribution system via the measurement of drawn energy and a substation.
  • The controlling system of the power plant enables remote supervision, visualization, monitoring and archiving of service data and archiving of possible failure states.
  • The whole power plant property is fenced and equipped with a basic alarm and camera system.
  • The power plant is expected to operate all year round, unmanned.
  • Expected service life is 30 years.
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Tasks performed within the realization of the reference power plant:

  • Elaboration of a complex technical solution
  • execution of technical measurements and test run
  • design and construction of a single-axis aligning system
  • elaboration of projects for construction and electro-documentation
  • production and complex supply of power plant equipment
  • development of PLC system controlling software and visualization system SW
  • debugging and commissioning, tests, trials
  • camera and alarm systems
  • 22 kV tower substation, high-voltage connector
  • data processing with a possibility of remote visualization and operation via internet

Facilities used:

  • Suntech STP 180S-24/Ad photovoltaic panels
  • SMC 8000 TL ESS inverters
  • Mitsubishi F3U PLC system, GT1055 operation panel
  • Hakel overvoltage protection
  • Siemens propulsion
  • remote connection to Sunny Portal via WebBox
  • HMI/SCADA Citec visualization system
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Services offered

Preparation of project realization

FVE-sluzby.jpg, 54 kB
  • Technical, economical and organizational consultations
  • economical balance
  • proposals of possible technical solutions, preliminary choice of suppliers
  • evaluation of financing possibilities
  • budget and schedule assessment
  • elaboration of energetic audit
  • application for the connection of the plant to the distribution system
  • geological and geodetic prospecting of the locality
  • designing work
  • communication with network operators
  • acquirement of building licence


  • groundwork and site excavation
  • FVE-prace.jpg, 15 kB
  • construction of auxiliary buildings (fencing, access road)
  • realization of substation (if necessary) and high-voltage lines
  • construction work, foundations, digs and preparations for cable laying
  • supply, assembly and installation of technology
  • debugging and commissioning of the system, testing and trials
  • installation of remote supervision, monitoring and archiving of service data and possible failure states
  • supply and installation of alarm systems (electrical safety systems, camera systems etc.)
  • electrical revision
  • contract for connection of the plant to the distribution system, preparation of business contracts
  • licence application
  • tax service, insurance
  • staff training

Management and monitoring

  • guarantee and post-guarantee service, professional supervision
  • remote monitoring, data collection and archiving, plant monitoring via internet, reports
  • periodical electrical revisions and checks
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