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Energy from the sun

Why photovoltaics?

  • The construction of the Radkovy photovoltaic power plant reference building within the expansion of Amsoft services to include the sphere of photovoltaic system supply
  • Because the general scope of Amsoft is electronics, photovoltaics is a related field falling into the sphere of activity of the company
  • Work with the latest Hi-Tech technology
  • Long-term investment with a relatively high level of security
  • Contribution to the struggle against global warming and improvement of the environment
  • Preparation of a legacy for future generations
  • Electricity generated using solar systems is the cleanest energy man is able to generate. It doesn’t produce noise, like wind power plants do and, last but not least, it doesn’t need complicated maintenance like hydroelectric power stations or nuclear energy. During their c. thirty-year working life, photovoltaic systems require minimum maintenance. The power plant produces no dangerous waste during operation
  • The solar power plant constructed using the state-of-the-art technologies represents a highly prestigious matter for the investor, supplier, community and the region. By supporting the project, the involved parties endorse the globally shared values of environmental protection