Customer service


In the formulation of the content of the “Quality policy”, the management of Amsoft s.r.o. draws from the visions and strategies of the company, which react to the analysis of current and future needs of our customers, and from the quality management system requirements. In this respect, it proclaims the quality policy as one of the foundations of business.

  • To aim the quality management system of the company towards continuous improvement of work organization with emphasis on running optimization of production costs with an objective of reaching a continuous increase in quality of provided services and supplied products.
  • To strengthen the sense of solidarity with the company in employees and the responsibility of each of them to gain good reputation for the company.
  • To support and lead the employees of the company to continuous improvement in their work in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and quality, to define problems and solve them together.
  • To reach the broadest level of satisfaction with the provided services and products among our customers regarding both commission realization terms and quality.

The management of the company binds itself to:

  • provide human, financial and material resources in order to fulfil this quality policy,
  • determine specific goals and tasks regarding quality,
  • create conditions for continuous QMS improvement.

Ing. Jiří Uherek (CSO)

Ing. Martin Hurník (COO)