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The brief description of the solution:

  • Manufacture of electric energy is realized by means of 1,170 Suntech photovoltaic panels, type STP 180S-24/Ad, with power of 180 Wp, installed by reason of increasing the overall production on 43 single-axis stands of own design (tracks) with an automatic sun-movement tracking system. The stands are equipped with a central control system – PLC Mitsubishi, which, together with exposition sensors, provides optimal rotation of the panels in the direction of the sun. Conversion from DC to AC is solved by a corresponding number of inverters, type SMC 8000 Tl ESS, in a decentralized configuration. A non-positionable fixed stand with 52 panels and one inverter, type SMC 8000 Tl ESS, serving for the comparison of production, is installed in the electric power station.
  • The electric power station is connected to the distributing network via a withdrawn-energy measurement system and distribution substation
  • The control system of the electric power station enables remote inspection, visualization, tracking and archiving of the operational data, as well as tracking and archiving of possible alarm states.
  • The entire facility of the electric power station is fenced and equipped with a basic safety and camera system.
  • It is supposed that the electric power station should be operated year-round and automatically.
  • The proposed service life is 30 years.

Works carried out within realization of the referential electric power station:

  • Development of a complex technical solution,
  • performance of testing measurements and verifying operation
  • proposal and construction of the single-axis rotary system
  • development of projects for the building approval procedure and electric documentation,
  • manufacture and complex deliveries of equipment of the electric power station
  • development of control software of the PLC system and SW of the visualization system
  • adjusting and putting into operation, tests, checks
  • camera system and Electronic Alarm System
  • 22 kV pole-mounted substation, HV connection
  • processing of data with a possibility of remote visualization and control via Internet.
  • Used technical means:
  • Suntech STP 180S-24/Ad photovoltaic panels
  • SMC 8000 TL ESS inverters
  • Mitsubishi F3U PLC system, GT1055 operation panel
  • Hakel overvoltage protection
  • Siemens drives
  • remote connection to Sunny Portal via WebBox
  • HMI/SCADA Citec visualization system

Amsoft, s. r. o.
municipality Radkovy, district Přerov
Installed power
210 kWp
Total investment costs
CZK 25,000,000
Installation area
17,000 m2
Supposed annual production
232 MWh
Annual reduction of CO2
276 t